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Phil Hare: Mentor

Guitar Lessons

Since August 2006, in-between gig commitments, I have been administering private guitar tuition full-time across Cambridgeshire. I currently have 10 clients and I provide everything from stringent, rudimentary mentoring for beginners, to ideas and inspiration for intermediate-advanced players over a few cups of tea. These lessons/sessions encompass weekly and fortnightly meets either at my home, (but mainly)at the homes of the pupils. Because I travel around so much, I have now decided to extend this service (within relative geographical reason) to just about anywhere in England & Wales. My local rate is 25 per hour, but for any 'distance' lessons, I have fixed a rate between 35-45ph depending on where it is eg. a commute to London outside of gig parameters would be 45, whereas, to call in to somewhere in Sheffield on my way to a gig in Leeds would attract 30 ph. If anyone reading this is interested in any lessons/sessions/therapy etc. please do not hesitate to contact me (leave a message if I am out or away) either through the site or at Conversely you could phone me on 01354 651396.

Guitar Tabs

Click for a list of available guitar tabs. They are all my own arrangements and some can be seen being played on my YouTube site. I do not use Sibelius Scorch so I have had to notate the tabs manually, hence the nominal charge of £2 per tab. Read on...